Top 3 Ways to Keep Headbands in Place

You love the look and functionality of headbands but have had trouble keeping them in place? Here are 3 best ways to keep them from moving!

1.  Pull them down on the forehead!

When wearing them wide style (which is generally best for workouts) wear them further down on your forehead.  Place them over the hairline and for extra security-over the ears! This placement plus the soft knit texture of your Flora Bloom Band will keep them from moving and shifting during your next sweat session!

2.  Add texture!

Clean, straight hair is not always your best friend when it comes to headbands.  Add texture spray, a light hairspray mist or dry shampoo next time you plan to have a headband day! This added texture in your hair naturally helps keep the headband from shifting.

3.  Half Up Hair Do!

For a dressier spin on the headbands, try wearing hair halfway up. Put hair in a top knot messy bun or use a hair clip.  Add your headband in front of your 1/2 up style and this gives the headband something to push against for a non-slip grip!

Flora Bloom Headbands are made from a stretchy, non slick knit material that gives you all day comfort and all day wear!