3 Ways to Wear Headbands

How To Wear Flora Bloom Twist Headbands - 3 Ways

You just got your hands on our most popular headband style - so let's figure out how to wear it! The options are truly endless, but here are the top 3 ways to style your Twist bands:

Boho Twist Headband

BOHO: Center your Twist in front for a classic look.  This style works great with hair pulled all the way up or wearing down.  Style with hair down around your ears or let the band keep hair back away from your face.


Wide Headband

WIDE:  Wear Twist all the way turned to the back revealing a wide style in front.  This provides the most coverage to keep hair (& sweat) out of your face...perfect for workouts!


Side Twist Headband

SIDE:  Take your Twist and off center it so it's in line with your eyebrow.  This style makes your Twist really pop and looks great with any hairstyle or length!